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ETHIOPIA AND FEDERALISM. The history of federalism in Ethiopia. 2

X1 The participation and request of many other political groups for self-rule was also the one big motive for the successful selection of the federalism political system. The system was believed it will reply the long-aged quest of 'the Sons of Ethiopia'-the Nations Nationalities and People, which was freedom! They all had been beseeching for self-determination (=the right to decide about their features by themselves.) That would be answered by doing only two things. Either seceding and forming many different countries, or choosing the system federalism. But no matter how long unfairly they had lived, no matter how much they were deprived of their rights and freedoms, the sense of bieng an Ethiopian, the deeply-rooted (very entrenched) and absolutely untouchable fact of Ethiopianism outfoxed and killed the fatal option of secession. And Ethiopians agreed to build one big common nation which is a place of fairness and democracy.They showed they are highly devoted to bring one strong Ethiopia within the constitution they made. The preamble is one evidence for their commitment. They have stated the constitution is made by their free will to realise an advanced society, within which all are equal, ruled by only the law, and judged fairly. Federalism was the best means to hold Ethiopia together, while allowing many different nations and nationalities of the country enjoy and self-determination. This system (federalism) and its selection shows how much the rights, freedom and interest of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia was the primary goal of every thing that was decided. ETHIOPIA AFTER (IN POST) FEDERALISM. Some people feared federalism would disintegrate the country. But the reality was opposite of the fore feared expectation. The country survived in peace, security and huge economic development after the federal system was applied. Why is the country growing very fast and amazingly now days?And why that didn't happened when Ethiopia was a unitary state? I hope that will tell us something about the fruit of the present federal arrangement. All changes and the whole development is achieved because all are living freely (holding the right for self-determination). Nations Nationalities and People are now free to decide for themselves by themselves. And they have opted to be as they are now. Which means, they are not working to be independent, free of big control or obtain their equality. Because all these and other their questions are answered for them by the federal arrangement, they only work for development, peace and prosperity. That has one of the biggest contribution for the promising changes we are seeing now. Therefore to find a way leading to self-rule, equality and self-determination was the master key to unlock the bright future of Ethiopia. If equality for all ethnic groups was to be real, it must be genuine. And in a true equality, all who are believed to be equal have the same voice in their country. All should be equally free to be or not to be in the federation. That is 'equality in practice', which has let the country grow. Now yet another benevolent manifestation of a practical equality found by the system of federalism is equality of ethnic groups. This is the right of the people that is practically being enjoyed. This has been declared many years ago even by the Derg government. But it is only after the federal political system that all languages of ethnic groups get their real equality. Now all ethnic groups are not only allowed but also supported to preserve, use freely and develop their own culture, language and history. This equality is constitutionally guarded. Another manifestation of equality of the ethnic groups is that they are allowed to be represented in the second chamber (The House of The Federation). They are ruling themselves by their own local administrative bodies. And finally, even at the federal level, the composition of the executive government organ is always clear manifestation of ethnicity equality. Many different ethnic groups are represented fairly by in the offices of of leadership in different federal offices. More than ever in the long Ethiopian history, all ethnic groups of Ethiopia are given the power of administration. Thus it is vivid that equality has become more practical than ever after the federal arrangement. In short, after Ethiopia became a federal country many positive changes have occurred. + The fast and healthy none-oil economic development. + The promising change in the social and political life of the citizens. + The country's peace and stability. + The practice of better and genuine equality and democracy. + The created opportunity of self-governance. + The country's big leap towards international (global) affairs (within and out of Africa.) and her influential relations. + The whole wide-range revival of Ethiopia, etc... All these awesome changes are witnessed after the country become a federal state. **************